Bee Venom

Bees use venom to defend their colony, Bee venom is synthesized in the venom glands of worker and queen bees and expressed through the bee's stinger.

The production of a potent bee venom requires good nectar, honey and pollen sources. Consequently, bees have more potent venom during the summer and bees raised without pollen have little and less effective venom in their venom sacs.

How bee venom is collected:

No bee’s were harmed in the making of this product. To extract the venom, a pane of glass is placed alongside the hive and a gentle electrical current is run through it, which harmlessly encourages the insects to sting the surface.

Benefits of Bee Venom:

Bee Venom Mask works by fooling the skin into thinking it has been gently stung stimulating the body into producing naturally occurring chemicals collagen and elastin. This may give a slight tingling sensation apon application.

Celebrity Buzz:

Kate Middleton, Dannii Minogue, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others are reported to be using a Bee Venom Mask made from New Zealand. The Bee Venom Mask has also been credited with making the Duchess of Cornwall, 63 year old Camilla Parker Bowles, look years younger.
NZ Herald April 2011